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The proposal that was voted down last Saturday at a meeting of Momentum's national committee in Birmingham, was to use an online system to give each member a vote. That is similar to the principle of "one member, one vote" that helped elect Mr Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party. It was being proposed as a way to help decide Momentum's policies and structures at a major conference next February. In the end, it was resolved that decisions would instead be taken by several dozen delegates, including some on the so-called "hard-left", and among them people who have been banned from the Labour Party. 'One member, one vote' Momentum's vice-chair Prof Cecile Wright played down the rift. She told the BBC "members will still participate in the activities" but added that she "would have preferred the greater participation of one member, one vote because it's in accord with what Momentum stands for." But Momentum member and broadcaster Paul Mason, a prominent supporter of Corbyn over the summer, told the Daily Politics that he would not stay in the organisation if other members who have been expelled from the Labour Party are allowed to remain. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Momentum was set up to support Jeremy Corbyn, who has faced criticism from some of his own MPs The trouble with that approach is that one of them, Jill Mountford, from the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, is on Momentum's national committee. She told the BBC while there were Trotskyites on the committee, they did not have ulterior motives. "The few there are, that are involved in the national committee on this occasion, want to be part of the mainstream. They want a mainstream platform to talk about socialist ideas. There's no desire whatsoever for there to be a Momentum Party." So what could happen next to end the stand-off?

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Composed of Alder wood, the lids are made by McRae and Sons, a 60-year-old woodworking company in Bay ชุดนอนน่ารัก City, Oregon. In fact, each of the parts -- including the wool cozy -- are thoughtfully sourced from Oregon-based farms and business. The founders dont want to see their design in the trash; so if it breaks, theyre happy to provide a lifetime warranty and free repairs. Photo Courtesy of Nau. Nau Oregon-based Nau has recycled materials in pretty much every product. Specializing in outerwear, the company makes winter staples that are eco-friendly, trendy, and city-ready. Unlike many outdoor wear brands that cater to hikers, mountain climbers, and athletic types, Naus aesthetic is broader, applicable to city dwellers as well as outdoorsmen. Their down shirts are stuffed with a 650-fill recycled down insulation and lined with recycled polyester (available in both men and womens designs). Post-consumer down duvets and pillows are stripped, cleaned, and repurposed for new garments. The Espalier down shirt in Caviar Plaid is a classy, all-purpose layer for chilly mornings and evenings, providing warmth to your core and blocking rain and wind.

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